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Sling N' Baits is a family owned and operated business located in the State of Kansas (Established in 2021). Sling N' Baits was formed by founder and owner Cecil Shaw. He first started creating videos related to catfishing and regularly uploading them to his YouTube channel. While sharing his knowledge of fishing for catfish and the adventures of bank fishing, he has inspired many!  


Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and considering our brands merchandise and accessories. We truly appreciate your support and we welcome you into our Sling N' Baits Family!





My name is Cecil Shaw, otherwise known as "Cecil Lethal With Them Catfish" and/or “Mr. Slingnbaits” on YouTube. I've been fishing the State of Kansas my entire life, exploring every pond, lake, creek and river that crosses my path. When I was a kid my grandpa taught me how to fish and introduced me to catfishing. Ever since then I've been HOOKED! I created a YouTube channel and dedicated it to sharing my passion and adventures of catfishing. I really enjoy and love catfishing and hope to encourage more to get into the sport of catfishing! Whenever I'm not fishing then I love spending time with my family and friends. I love to challenge myself on doing more than what I’ve already experienced. Hopefully my videos and ideas will help spark the next great mind.

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If you enjoy the thrill of competition, then Sling N’ Baits bank fishing catfish tournaments are a great way to take your catfishing skills to a new level. As one of the few bank fishing catfish tournament series in the South Central region of Kansas, our catfish tournaments will allow bank fishing anglers in Kansas and surrounding areas the opportunity to compete in our series of catfish tournaments, including our first annual Sling N’ Baits "Bank Masters Catfish Tournament” which will be held annually, every summer, starting in the year of 2023! From flathead catfish to channel catfish – our catfish tournaments will provide entertainment and friendly competition for all, and not to mention all the slippery, oozy, thick catfish slime! With the increasing popularity of catfishing in Kansas and across North America, our Sling N’ Baits “Bank Masters Catfish Tournament“ is sure to become a community staple as well as a popular tradition for future catfish tournaments in the State of Kansas! As the Sling N' Baits catfish tournament series matures and continues to grow, you can expect to see more catfish tournaments, more anglers competing and much larger tournament payouts! We will continue our efforts in helping bank fishing anglers target these fish and continue to showcase the ever growing popularity of sport catfishing! Join us to truly experience Kansas bank fishing catfish tournaments at its finest! 

As one of the only bank fishing catfish tournament series in the South Central region of Kansas, our mission is to help grow the sport of catfishing here in Kansas and help to bring more opportunities and resources to bank fishing catfish anglers apart of the Kansas catfish community. We encourage catfish anglers of all ages and skill levels to participate in our catfish tournaments. Our catfish tournaments are strictly bank fishing only events, that will allow all catfish anglers who don’t own a boat or kayak to still compete and have fun in friendly, safe, and competitive environment.

The goal of our Sling N' Baits catfish tournaments is to help attract and excite more catfish anglers in Kansas about sport catfishing, and also create and provide the local Kansas catfishing community with more fun & exciting opportunities and events for bank fishing anglers. Bank fishing has never been more underrated, so we're here to show everyone how fun it is! Bank fishing anglers in Kansas and surrounding areas participating in our catfish tournaments will have the opportunity to make new friends and develop valuable tournament fishing experience, learn about the pursue of catfish and the best practices of catch-and-release. Sling N' Baits has always made an strong effort to help educate any and all catfish anglers about catfish conservation and the importance of taking care of our local, state and national fisheries. Join Sling N' Baits in persevering our deep rooted catfish traditions and help us start some new ones! 

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Our goals at Sling N’ baits is to create content, fishing products, tournaments and events specifically designed with bank fishing catfish anglers in mind! Sling N' Baits knows every angler doesn't own a boat or fishing vessel, so we are dedicated to improving the way you bank fish! We are currently hard at work developing our new line of fishing tackle & products that we hope will help bank fishing anglers minimize the challenges anglers often face while fishing from the bank/shoreline. Our mission at Sling N’ Baits is to simply excite more anglers about catfishing and make catfishing more fun and enjoyable for everyone! Our uniquely designed catfish tournaments, fishing products & tackle are sure to become a favorite amongst the rest of the notorious catfish brands across North America. 

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