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Catfish Tournament FAQs

Question: How do I register or enter to participate in a Sling N' Baits catfish tournament?

Answer: Visit our tournament webpage and locate the online registration box. Fill out the online form, complete payment and submit. Must be at least 18+ years old to register. Please carefully read and review all tournament terms & conditions before submitting registration.   

Question: Can I register in person on the day of tournament?


Answer: No, all tournament registrations must be submitted online through our website.

Question: How much does it cost to register?


Answer: Tournament registration fee is $60.00 and is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deferrable.

Question: Can I fish in the tournament without a partner?


Answer: Yes, you may fish in tournament with or without a partner.

Question: Can I fish in the tournament with a friend?


Answer: Yes, but there is a limit of only 2 persons per team registration.


Question: What if I want to add a second team member after I already registered an individual, single person team?


Answer: You may still add a second team member, but you must notify us immediately upon any changes regarding your registration. 

Question: Is there an age limit?


Answer: No there is no age limit, adults and minors are welcome to participate in our tournaments. All minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult team captain, at least 18 years old.

Question: What if I have a disability but still want to participate in tournament?


Answer: Everyone is welcome to participate in our tournaments.

Question: Who will I be competing against? Will I be competing against pro anglers or professional sponsored teams?


Answer: We welcome anglers of all ages and skill levels to participate in our tournaments. There will be many different anglers and teams from experienced to beginners and even some anglers may choose to fish alone. Most teams will be family members, friends or co-workers.  

Question: How many teams and/or anglers will I be competing against?


Answer: Our tournaments have an capped placement limit ranging from 20-30 team entries or less per tournament. For example; a tournament with a 20 team slot/placement limit, will have approximately 40 anglers in total competing in the tournament, if every team had 2 participants.

Question: Can I fish out of my boat during the tournament?


Answer: No, we currently only host bank fishing only tournaments. You’re only allowed to fish from the bank and/or shorelines including fishing docks. NO BOATS, KAYAKS OR WATERCRAFTS ARE ALLOWED in our tournaments.

Question: How many fishing poles can I use during the tournament?


Answer: Each team is allowed a six (6) rod limit. No team can have more than six (6) rods in use at anytime during the tournament. Individual/Single member teams are only allowed a three (3) rod limit. No individual can have more than three (3) rods in use at anytime during the event. A state of Kansas issued 3 pole permit/license is required if you’re going to be using three (3) fishing rods during the tournament.

Question: Do I get to keep the catfish I catch during the tournament?


Answer: No, our catfish tournaments are CATCH-AND-RELEASE only tournaments. All catfish caught during our tournaments and presented at the weigh-in station become the property of Sling N’ Baits. All catfish caught during our tournaments will be safely released back into the lake by Sling N’ Baits tournament staff. 

Question: What do I hold my catfish in during the tournament before its time to weigh them?


Answer: Due to liability reasons, all tournament participants and/or teams must supply your own fish keeper basket/cage which can be used to hold your catches in alive until it’s time for weigh-in. There are serval videos and images online of DIY fish keeper baskets/holding pin systems that you could research for some ideas. We also have an “Big Catfish Exemption Rule” where if you catch a big catfish (20+ pounds) too large for a fish keeper basket/bag or DIY holding container, you’re allowed to bring your big catch back to the weigh-in station anytime during the official tournament competition hours, and have your catch officially weighed by our tournament director. 

Question: What happens if my fish are dead when I bring them to the weigh-in scale?


Answer: All fish brought to the weigh-in scale must be alive, any dead fish will not be counted or scored! 

Question: How do I win a tournament or place?


Answer: The total combined weight of each teams five (5) largest catfish caught during the tournament will determine tournament standings, placement and payouts. Cash prizes will be rewarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams. A prize will also be rewarded to the team who catches the single largest catfish during the tournament.

Tournament Questions? Contact Us:

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding our catfish tournaments or your registration, please contact us via email at

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