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3-Way Rigs

3-Way Rigs

Sling N Baits Pre-Tied Catfish Rigs | 3-Way Rigs


The 3-Way Rig aka “The Bazooka”! This catfish rig will launch your baits and propel them far off the shorelines. Ready to combat any size catfish, this catfish rig will help extend your cast, so you can get your baits closer to the action! This catfish rig will cast your baits further than most others, which makes it a great catfish rig for bank fishing. Also designed with 20 lb. test breakaway leader lines, in the event you get hopelessly snagged, the lighter leader line with sinker attached will break free, and you can hopefully still land your catch. Sling your baits longer distances with this catfish rig and consider giving this catfish rig a try on your next catfishing trip! Browse and choose from our selection of premium hand-tied catfish rigs.


All Terminal tackle components manufactured in China.

Assembled, Packaged & Distributed in USA by:


Sling N’ Baits

PO BOX 20290


  • Features & Highlights:

    • Easy to use
    • Ready to fish
    • Perfect for bank fishing
    • Cast longer distances
    • Works great with live or cut baits
  • Rigging Instructions:

    1. Attach your main fishing line to the open eye of the barrel swivel.
    2. Attach a sinker weight to rig: Pass the loop through the eye of the sinker, then drop sinker through the loop.
    3. Bait up with your favorite catfish bait and you're all set to go!


    Recommended Sinker Style: Bank Sinker | Size: 2-3 oz. (Sinker sold separately.)

  • Package Contains:

    Each package contains two (2) Sling N’ Baits Pre-Tied Catfish Rigs


    WARNING: hooks extremely sharp, handle with care!

    WARNING: cancer and reproductive harm.