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Slip Float Rig

Slip Float Rig

Sling N Baits Pre-Tied Catfish Rigs | Slip Float Rig


Bring the excitement and action above the surface with our New Sling N’ Baits Slip Float Rigs! Our slip floats rigs are easy to use and great for bank fishing, kayak fishing, or fishing from a boat. Simply cover more water and catch more catfish! Designed with easy-to-see fluorescent orange tops, our slip floats are highly visible above the water, while the low profile black bottom remains nearly invisible below. Constructed from high quality materials, our lightweight slip float design not only helps you detect bites quick and easy, but also has notable strength and durability, built to survive even in rough waters. The torpedo, oval shape provides excellent performance in a wide variety of fishing conditions. Designed to help you cast longer distances and improve casting distances during windy conditions. Each rig is preassembled with a strong barrel swivel, abrasion resistant leader line and finished with our new & very sharp offset J-hooks. Our New Sling N’ Baits Slip Float Rigs are the perfect blend of stability, visibility and durability. 


This slip float rig is ideal for suspending & drifting live baits, cut baits, and prepared baits for catfish, but also has enough buoyancy to hold those even larger baits. Works well in fast or slow moving water currents, and can also be used in deeper water. Comes with everything you need to set up rig and start fishing! Only takes a few minutes to set up, just tie one knot, add bait and you are ready to fish! Make your next catfishing adventures a little more productive and add this new addition to your tackle box. Order yours today and bring the action to the surface with our New Sling N’ Baits Slip Float Rigs!


All Terminal tackle components manufactured in China.

Assembled, Packaged & Distributed in USA by:


Sling N’ Baits

PO BOX 20290


  • Features & Highlights:

    • Pre-tied catfish rig ready to fish
    • Easy to use rig, even for beginner level anglers
    • Improves casting distances 
    • Cover more water
    • Constructed from high quality materials
    • Non-weighted slip float
    • High sensitivity float that detects even the smallest bites
    • Easy-to-see high visible fluorescent orange top
    • Great float buoyancy and stability
    • High carbon steel hooks, very sharp
    • Abrasion resistant leader line
    • Strong and durable barrel swivel
    • Easily fits into tackle box or bag
    • Great for bank fishing, kayak fishing, or fishing from a boat
  • Rigging Instructions:

    1. Attach bobber stop bean onto main fishing line from rod/reel.
    2. Next, slide on 3mm bead followed by the slip float. 
    3. Next, add 5mm bead and then egg sinker, ending with the other 5mm bead. 
    4. Complete the setu